First Trip 8.21-26.07

Six toilets, two urinals, five sinks, a million windows and a full sky of light. Two days in the Two Dot School and we aren’t yet calling it home. There are four more days before returning to our other home, but we long for another week or a month. Yesterday, wind blew through the school and people came in and out taking things, everyone trying to keep a piece of the school. It wasn’t ours yet, we could have still bolted, but we didn’t. Today we signed our names and turned over our check and became a little Montana. Tomorrow we’ll start cleaning the basement.

Four days cleaning deeper and deeper until we were using a shovel to remove crumbled plaster. There is so much work to do, work that will keep going a long time. Will I be able to do “my work” in the school? On the way home, we figured out how to return in miles per gallon, miles per hour, days per travel, and minutes behind the wheel. We left belongings in Two Dot. My good garden hand spade is there so I can clean the edges of the sidewalk and weed in a someday garden. I feel bifurcated. This morning at the halfway back point, we talked about our good fortune and the feelings of not deserving it that come close on the heels of pleasure. There is no way we could deserve this. Never enough good works to deserve life’s pleasures.