Climate Exchange 7.27.2009

Crazy summer weather in 2009....are we globally warmed or just in the middle of a cycle longer than we can remember? Friends and family in Seattle cooked today as we in Two Dot stayed inside the schoolhouse out of the drizzle. It was a good chance to paint walls and contemplate things beyond our understanding.
Jessica Bender our current resident artist has been busy cleaning an antelope carcass, collecting dead moths in a bottle and sewing pearls on a pillowcase. She will leave on Wednesday and we will sweep up the moths alone. Don't miss her show at the Telephone Room in Tacoma opening August 5th.


Six Trips Later 7.26.2009

Wondering if you will take me back? Two Dot Spot has consumed all available moments leaving nothing for posting, but...always believing in room for improvement and the possibility of catching up, I'm back.